Thursday, January 03, 2008


The beaches are clearing out.

During the Christmas/New Year holidays (a two week long affair here in Mexico) city folk all try to head out to the beaches. It's not nearly as crazy as Semana Santa, Easter's Holy Week, according to the locals, but the normally sleepy fishing village took on a carnival like atmosphere with the influx of tourists. More taco stands, more residences that became ad-hoc guesthouses, people crashed out on the beach, smellier alleys, empty lots that turned into parking lots...and lots and lots of umbrellas on the beach (and very few fishermen.)

We normally rent a small apartment while we're here, but this time, there was nothing available or it was priced way beyond the local economy (and therefore, ours) so we've been living out of a friend's RV. If you could ignore the dust and cat-and-dog hairs and a few fleas and maybe ticks, it's not too shabby.

Now that the town is starting to get back to normal, we are slowly getting into our normal Mexico mode. And next week, when we move into an apartment, we'll finally unpack and start getting seriously...LAZY.


Anonymous martib said...

Hi Carole,

My Dad and his wife (Jazz Singer) are in Bucerias ( Near Puerto Vallarta ) till Jan 21st.There is some live music they are involved with..
If your nearby and feel like saying G'day I can put you in touch...

Enjoy your Lazy start to 2008 !!!

Best Regards,

Martin L. Belson
Cairns, Australia
cell +61 0412 654 142
Call me free here:

12:50 PM  
Blogger bad-dog said...

Thanks, Martin!
Bucerias is a day away from here, unfortunately. But hope they are enjoying themselves, too.

Have a great 2008!

7:33 AM  
Blogger Marti said...

No Worries Carole,

I hope you come down under again one day...

I am going for a radio producer job at

wish me luck !


12:55 AM  

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