Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stressing in Eden

It’s been a week of early pruning at the ranch. With our Late Fall/Early Winter schedule all shifted around with our early departure from Costa Rica, we've decided to do our pruning before the holidays so we can leave (again!) for somewhere South of The Border after Christmas.

“Don’t you know this is not the time to be doing that?” laughed the Patriarch from The Nursery adjacent to our ranch when we were pruning the grapes last week.

“I know! But it’s either now or never, so…” we laughed as we kept hacking away.

“Maintenance is easier than catch-up,” Big Dog remarked. Each orchard has taken a day or two to prune. Last year, each TREE took a day to prune, so I guess we’re making some progress

The nights are getting cold – freezing, in fact – but the days are warm enough for us to work in T-shirts. And I am back in love with the land and all the trees and the sky and the sun and the wind…….

Big Dog, who is normally one of the most frugal people I know, is even more so after the Robbery in Costa Rica, and so, this year, I am making gifts for The Family. Little craft projects in various stages of incompletion are scattered all over the place. I am starting to stress out.

How do you all manage to maintain your blogs? I can hardly keep up with day to day life! This is nothing like Decembers of yore, when the month was the busiest of the year, I was working 18 hours a day and trying to keep up with my social schedule, but it’s stressful in a different way. I need an extra day or two to catch up. Will you sell me your day? Why can’t we barter time like so much unwanted knickknacks on EBay?


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