Monday, December 31, 2007

14 More Hours

The year has been one of thwarted travel plans.

Big Dog's brother's untimely death made us cancel our January Mexico plans and made us go to Hawaii instead with the DogFather. Then, our summer French Countryside stay was canceled when the new caretaker for our ranch bailed out on us. We finally thought we were getting out when we went to Costa Rica but that turned into a 4 day disaster. So I was feeling a bit edgy about trying to get out of the States before the year was over.

"Every time, it's something totally out of the blue. It's always something I didn't even imagine, so this time I'm trying to imagine every possibility," I told Big Dog the day before departure. What will it be this time? A kidnapping? Traffic accident? Arrest? Maybe we'll be swept up in a surprise revolution.

It's only been 2 days in our favorite fishing village on the central coast of Mexico, but so far, so good. Of course 2007 isn't over yet. We still have about 14 hours to go. And if my fate is determined by the Oriental Calendar, the New Year won't be here til February I am still imagining. Attacked by a pack of wild dogs? Hit on the head with a coconut? Hearing damaged by a loud mariachi band? Buried alive in a mountain of tamales? What else? What else?


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