Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thank You

It’s thanksgiving weekend at Dog Family Central (and around the US!) It’s been quite a year of losses for us, but the less you have, the more thankful you are for what you do. I don’t know when it started, but I’ve noticed how I always put a positive spin on things.

When I was graduating from university, I went through a very difficult period in which I was swept up in the whole employment process with other graduates. There was a pretty rigid system back then where large corporations had quotas for new grads and they had mass exams during the winter before the spring graduation. I was graduating in June instead of March because I entered in September with other kids who were educated outside the Japanese education system, but the Shushoku Fever swept me up, too, and I took a few exams for Major Japanese Ad Agencies. The good thing about being a Philosophy Major is that there is no business such a background would lead to, so the field was wide open. Unfortunately, my Japanese was so bad, I could hardly understand the questions on the exam, much less get them right and I never went to the next stage – The Interview – with any of the prospective employers. But I realized, much later, that this was one of the best things to happen to me in my life! Can you imagine what hell my life might have been if I HAD gotten accepted by any of those companies?

Thank you, Major Japanese Ad Agencies, for rejecting me so early on.
Thank you, R, for dumping me for that divorcee.
Thank you, P, for having made things so horrible I had to get out and move on.
Thank you, K, for being so hard on me when I was young.
Thank you, BD, for not being a normal guy. You know how I love challenges.


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