Thursday, November 29, 2007

In with the new, Out with the old

I have a new laptop! I have a new laptop!
I still miss The Thing, my old 12-inch aluminum PowerBook G4. It was dented and slow and the battery was kinda shot, but I liked the industrial look. My new MacBook is…white. Need I say more? I had to ponder long and hard over the color choice – white or black. For no apparent good reason, the black one costs more. For a teeny bit of extra memory. And I read that handprints will quickly mar the surface. But this white laptop looks too…I don’t know…bridal?? I need to do a makeover soon. Maybe with some hot pink decals…

We also have a new printer. Well, not really new, but new for us. Our old one died suddenly just before we left for Costa Rica. We took it to Goodwill yesterday so they can recycle the parts or do whatever they do with printer carcasses. Because gas is so expensive now in California, we walk or ride our bikes everywhere and so, we were lugging this printer, along with a couple of packages I was mailing, down the street when we spot a shopping cart. It happened to be Goodwill’s cart!

“Well, isn’t this great timing! We can put our stuff in here and wheel it to Goodwill and get their cart back!”

I pushed the cart up Santa Monica Boulevard, about dozen blocks, to the Goodwill Donation Center. It made quite a racket but I loved it. I could picture myself in my old age, carrying my whole life in a shopping cart. And I discovered something interesting: when you are pushing a shopping cart down a busy street, people try not to make eye contact. Maybe they were afraid I’d ask them for something. Maybe I should have.


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