Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brief Update

Big Dog’s old computer’s been back for a few days. Before, he’d ride to the library and work on theirs. I’d stay home because the library computer was not Japanese compatible. Now that his old PowerBook’s here, he’s on it all day long. I wish he’d still ride to the library because he CAN use theirs and I’d have a Japanese-capable laptop to try to recover lost data with.

It’s causing a few tensions and I am more irritable. It was better when there was no computer – having a tool here that I need but can’t use is irritating to no end. Not to mention the mind-numbingly boring and mundane task of listing our losses, sourcing the items, checking and double checking costs. What a total drag. I must be in the final Stage of Loss: Resignation. But it also feels like I’m going back to the very beginning: numbness.


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