Monday, February 06, 2012

Flying South...again

Our winter ranch work was finally done. I got to spend a morning picking chanterelles from the back woods and we even treated ourselves to some fresh crab from the Crab Guys in Avila. (You pick, they cook, you crack and clean and eat.) Of course, ranch work is never REALLY finished. We hadn't managed to get That Gopher nor the multitudes of them out there all over the place. I wasn't able to start a single crafts project. The greenhouse needs to be cleaned of all the plants that died during the few days of freak cold. And I will be missing the peak daffodil season, not to mention the breathtaking beauty of the plum, cherry, peach and nectarine blossoms.

But, here we are, flying south again, this time towards the Yucatan Peninsula.

Will it be all touristy? Will it be a noisy mess of springbreakers? Or will it be chilled-out? What are the locals like over there?

February has some interesting dates: 2-10-2012 (2102012!), 2-12-2012, 2-21-2012 (21022012!) I know. Getting too obsessed with numbers is a sure sign of craziness, but I am secretly hoping to get some answers from the Mayan Gods.

Will they? Will they let me in on their secrets? Will I find the key to the Mystery of Life?

Stay tuned.

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