Friday, January 20, 2012

Turning Into Carl Spackler

Carl Who? Yeah, I had to look it up in the Internet Movie Database. The name of Bill Murray's character in Caddyshack.

There is one tenacious gopher in my yard.

At least, I think it's just one.

It refuses to eat any of the poisoned bait (yes, I have resorted to that) nor get trapped. Instead, it taunts me with new gopher mounds every day.

Big Dog's friend who does landscaping for wealthy clients visited us last week. When I told him of my plight, he suggested luring it/them with sliced apple.

"They can't resist it," he said. "After you get them used to eating the apple, then put the apple in the trap."

Fortunately, there was still one apple tree filled with apples. Unfortunately, my gophers are a lot smarter than his (or his rich clients.) They recognize bait for what it is.

They are driving me crazy. The whole ordeal is turning me into Carl Spackler. I am ready to blow up the entire yard.

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