Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Everyday is STILL Christmas

You'd think I was stuck in Christmasland, there is so much red and green on our table. Dining table, that is.

Beets, chard, tomatoes. Hibiscus tea, bloody marys, pinot noir. Cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, zinfandel.
Collards, arugula, brussels sprouts. Avocado, jalapenos, nopales. Salsa verde, green tea, wasabi.

Sweet potato, butternut squash, kabocha. Carrots, oranges, screwdrivers. Guess there's enough orange for a nice dose of Halloween, too.

My canning and freezing frenzy last fall is now proving to be a Very Good Thing, as I supplement my garden harvest of greens and lettuces with the preserved produce from our summer harvest.

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