Thursday, November 17, 2011

Road Trips Past

Readers of this blog will already know how much Big Dog and I love to be on the road. It's so easy to be in the moment when you are in motion. There is ONLY the here and now. I know that every day is a gift, but it's easier to feel that way all the time when everything is so new.

We're about to head out on another long-ish road trip -- we've only been out on short ones the last few times we were in Mexico. Before that, however, how about a few scenes from road trips past?

Bar in Zihuatlan

Crocodillo waiting for the unsuspecting tourist...

It's not the Spanish gazpacho but a chopped fruit concoction.

The Colima countryside is so verdant!

And Costa Alegre oceans so blue!

Basses (and mariachis) on standby.

In case you were wondering about adobe construction...

A wedding in Patzcuaro. Note the cute boy in the foreground all dressed up -- just like his father.

Michoacan has the best produce in Mexico.

A street in Morelia. Why is it always raining when we go there?

Cactus fence in Oaxaca.

Wall detail from an archeological site in Mitla, Oaxaca.

Desolate road near Las Canas, Michoacan.

My favorite dwelling in La Manzanilla. They hauled it away a few years ago. Bummer.

Once an exclusive resort in El Tecuan, now a beautiful ruin...

Need a new saddle? Go to La Huacana...

...or Jiquilpan for huaraches.

The village of Cocucho is quite a ways from nowhere...

...but it's famous for its pottery known as cocuchos.

What a surprise to find a familiar name in the village just south of the monarch butterfly sanctuary!

They love their cervezas...

...and dancing!

A carnival comes to town.

Twisted sense of humor?

Men at work. Who needs a whole lot of machinery? Certainly not these guys.

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