Thursday, August 05, 2010

One Fine Day

Ranch residents J & R got married in a charming little beach ceremony last Saturday, Cayucos waves framing their vows.

I love American weddings! Each one so reflects the individuality of the couple tying the knot, unlike most cookie-cutter Japanese weddings. J & R's was no exception: it was as charming and homespun and as earthy as the two newlyweds (who are now off on a ten-day camping honeymoon!)

R grew almost all of the flowers for the event and J made a huge batch of his own beer, using hops grown on our very ranch. (The hops also featured in the male attendants' corsages!) R's dad welded together a cute cake server and her mom made the wedding cakes, all decorated with home-grown Johnny-jump-ups.

Kids ran wild, a gypsy jazz band played on and guests had a boot-stomping, flip-flop shuffling good time at the barn reception.

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