Thursday, April 01, 2010

Super Slow Food

I couldn't believe we actually bought some strawberry starters this year! Two six packs of berry starters at the local Big Box Home Improvement Store. And then, a few weeks later, some vegetable starters. Every year, I've had to struggle from seed while the other tenants on The Ranch were putting in sizable starters into their summer gardens.

Just when I was feeling good about getting a bit of a head-start on this season's production, J&R, the young couple who live on The Ranch, put in their summer garden and, oh my, their starters are giant! It will be weeks before my tiny starters reach that size! And months before my seedlings get going. Talk about the ultimate in slow food. No wonder I can't remove the Swiss chard and collard plants that are still alive and providing us with much nourishment.

(Damn. Just checked. Three of the four lemon cucumber starters are nearly dead. That's what I get for buying plants at a Big Box Home Improvement Store.)

"The others take out their old plants and put in new ones!" Big Dog exclaims in disgust. My overgrown, weedy, jungly mess from last season disturbs him at some primordial level.
"I'll get around to it!" I yell back from my strawberry patch, but I spy him pulling at some tall grasses. "Stop mucking with my plot!"
He would flip out if he knew, but I am thinking of gathering and cooking the grains. Maybe mixed with acorns and dandelion greens. At least until my conventional vegetables are ready for harvest.



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