Sunday, April 11, 2010

Magic's in the Motion

When I began this blog, in 2006, I was in my third year as a mostly unemployed vagabond. I loved it. I loved that there was something novel every day. "The magic's in the motion," I gloated.

Much has changed since then.

Each year, I spend more and more time at the ranch and I no longer describe myself as "homeless." I'm still not sure if this is "home" but I am happy here even as circumstances beyond my control have limited my time on the road. There is not much motion these days and my entire concept of time has shifted.

I think it's being so connected with nature here that's changed me. My sense of time has...elongated? It makes me chuckle to think that there was a time when my life was ruled by "seconds." 120 second promo videos. 60 second voice-overs. 30 second tv spots. 18 second song intros. These days, I see time in terms of "seasons." I rarely know what day it is and I hardly care what week. I peruse seed catalogs and plan for NEXT YEAR! My god, I could hardly plan TOMORROW a few years ago!

Staying so still makes me a bit nervous -- a holdover from my years living in Warp Speed -- but then I look at my tiny seedlings and know that even though they also appear to be standing still, they keep moving ever so slowly and most of that movement is in their growth. That encourages me. There's real magic in that kind of motion.

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