Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Day and Midnight Express

"'s one of the few countries that actually celebrate May Day..."

That was our reaction to one CNN reporter who was talking about Cuba a few years ago. Didn't she know that there are many, many countries that celebrate May Day? I remember the labor organization festivities all around Tokyo every May first. Sometimes they were harassed by right wing fanatics AND police. I remember one very tiny protest -- maybe 25 people? -- surrounded by an army of cops. Earlier the same day, there was a demonstration by the militant right, in front of the Russian Embassy, with giant vans blaring old war songs and propaganda. In between the songs and shouts, they also taunted the handful of police. Sadly, an all too typical scene.

So. Happy May Day to you.

But it was a "mayday" -- which comes from "venez m'aider" or "Come save me!" so if you're ever in a desperate situation in a French-speaking area, you'll be fine -- in the kitchen last night. The snails made a break for it under cover of the night.

By morning, the little mollusks were crawling all over the kitchen. Under the cupboards, inside the sink, all over the walls... Thank god they don't move very fast. I think I was able to foil their midnight express attempt. I HOPE I was successful or Big Dog will be in for a big surprise when he steps on a snail in his bare feet.

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