Thursday, August 12, 2010

Every Day is Iron Chef Day

"And today's ingredient is... ZUCCHINI!"
Again. And again. And again.

Summer squash and peaches.

I feel like the hapless challenger on Iron Chef, having to create meal after meal with these two ingredients.

It's challenging, frustrating, exasperating, and still fulfilling, trying to live off what you grow. When you have a glut of peaches and plums, the only way to really use them up is to can them (to use later, of course) but I take the challenge daily and see what else I can do with them.

Fried, baked, stuffed, spiced, pickled, pureed. Bread, pies, creams, jellies, candy, gelatos, sorbets... did I mention pies? I sneak summer squash into nearly everything. Tacos, pastas, tofu patties, soups, salads... Come to think of it, I sneak peaches and plums into nearly everything, too.

"Can we have some broccoli?" asks Big Dog.
"No. You'll get more than enough broccoli in the winter."

But even as I haul in another tub of peaches from the garden, I know that peach season will soon be over and I will miss it dearly... as I come face to face with a deluge of apples.

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Blogger MartiB said...

nice to see your back !!!

2:11 PM  

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