Monday, November 30, 2009

Back on the Ranch

Whew. Seems like I got back to the ranch in the nick of time. Being down south was really starting to make me crazy. I missed the air, I missed the water, I missed the solitude. In the past, it was easier to put her out of my mind when we were gone, but not any more. I miss her smell, I miss her touch. I miss running my fingers through the earth, the grasses.

"Hi, Orgy Tree!" I hug the giant oak in front of our house.
"Hi, crazy flowering pear trees! Don't you know it's nearly winter?"
"Hey Lizard Gang, I missed you guys."
"Oh, Ellie, I missed you, too." Ellie, the cat, rolls around in delight. Or so I'd like to believe.

Big Dog woke up in the middle of the night, as he often does, and noticed a bright light on our porch.
"There's a light on out there."
"You mean the solar light?"
"No. That one's broken. No, it's a new light!"
He is totally mystified and puts his clothes on to investigate.

He comes back moments later.
"It's the moon."
"What do you mean, the moon?"
"The light I thought was some strange new light on our porch was just the moon."

That made me laugh. Yes, the moon is as bright as a high beam in the darkness of the country night. And, yes, we've been gone too long.



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