Saturday, September 05, 2009

Growing Up

"So, are you going out for a birthday dinner?" asked Big Dog's sister, day before yesterday. I couldn't tell her that there aren't many restaurants I want to go to here. Tokyo really has spoiled me!

"Well, you can't be cooking on your own birthday!" she said, so I had to (somewhat sheepishly) tell her that no, I wasn't cooking. We were having leftovers instead.

I'm sure she was thinking "Leftovers! On your birthday?" but the truth of the matter is I've already had way more than my share of lavish celebrations. Today, it all feels a bit unreal when I try to remember aspects of my past life. Mountains of gifts from people I never met, didn't know...giant bouquets and lavish presents from staff...decadent dinners with friends... If I am eating leftovers on my birthday, it's only because my life needs the balance more.

So, there was no cake, no candles, no gifts this year but I am still filled with joy and wonder at growing up. I think that's pretty good!



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