Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Storm

The sound of a toilet being flushed woke me up this morning. I peered over my shoulder but Big Dog was still in bed, motionless for a change.
The gurgling sound was not from any indoor plumbing, but rain, lots of hard and heavy rain, coursing down from the roof. And howling winds from the northeast.

It's our first storm of the season.

"Aren't you glad I picked everything up?" Big Dog gloated over coffee. He had been spending the last several days "winterizing." I thought it was premature since we are right in the middle of a beautiful harvest, but I'm glad the wind chimes got put away before this storm.

My chrysanthemums have already been blown over and I am wondering how many apples and pears will survive the gusts, how many will lose a few branches. Will my tomatoes still be on the vine tomorrow? How much damage will our ranch sustain? How much cleaning up will I have to do?

But for now, I am enjoying a different kind of ranch music. Concerto in wind and water, accompanied by the oaks.

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