Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Springing Back

I know California has the wackiest seasons -- summer days in the middle of winter, freeze-outs in the summer, hail at any time of year -- but this is nuts. After the storm, our valley thinks it's spring again.

Irises are blooming, daffodils are trying to come up, and the hills are turning neon green again. At the same time, the leaves are changing color, the farms are orange with pumpkins and our maple tree is ablaze. It's spring AND autumn at the same time! It's so crazy, I would have loved to have spent the next several weeks here.

Not Big Dog. He's been moaning about the shorter days ever since the end of September and now he's moaning about the end of daylight-saving time.

"Don't we need to save it more, now that we have less?"

This is traditionally our time to head south, but this year there are family matters delaying our departure. So while we leave the ranch today, we will not be gone too long. Wonder what season it will be when we return.

These photos were taken in the winter, up in the hills above (and a little beyond) our ranch. During the summer and fall, the hills turn gold, but right now, it's a medley of gold and green.

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