Saturday, October 03, 2009

Harvest Moon

"Fall's coming," Big Dog announced the other afternoon. There was a new kind of wind blowing through our tiny valley. Crisper.
We both frowned. We don't like the cold, but we like short days even less.
"So what was T talking about when he said October was the hottest month of the year in Los Osos?"

The next day, the heat was back, but even the hotter days don't feel much like summer anymore. Down the bigger Los Osos Valley, the farms are all orange polka dots from curing pumpkins, fields of sugar peas, peppers and squash. Our vegetable plots are full of massive juicy tomatoes, leafy green things. J&R have more pumpkins and gianormous spaghetti squash than they could possibly use but maybe they have other ways to use them that I don't know about.

Ants are everywhere, bees are as busy as can beeeee. A fox came and took one of our chickens (the shyest one who was at the bottom of the pecking order) and I see deer everywhere now. We're all enjoying the harvests of the season at The Ranch and tonight's soundtrack will be Neil Young.

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