Thursday, August 20, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering.....

The gophers still appear to be winning. Almost all of the pretty yellow marigolds Daddy McC gave us in the spring have been munched. The Chattering Stakes in which I had so much faith have turned out to be expensive, noisy (and ugly) garden ornaments.

"I heard Juicy Fruit works," K, JD's latest "friend" told us a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, the gum clogs their system. I suppose they prefer the Juicy Fruit smell. So, we got a couple packs of the stuff and I began stuffing them down the gopher holes.

"There're gonna be a whole bunch of gophers sitting out here cracking gum," laughed Harley as I angrily rolled another wad of gum and looked for a point of entry.

Does the gum really clog their system? Do they really eat the stuff? Wouldn't they prefer Double Mint?

The bats can no longer get into our house (I believe) but were still roosting under the peaked corners of our highest eaves, resting, peeing and pooping between feedings. And since I'll try anything to get them to stop using our house as a public restroom, I latched onto the idea that fiber glass insulation is an effective repellent. As we tacked up bits of the stuff in the eaves, I thought about what irony it would be to fall from the roof and kill ourselves trying to get rid of bats.

As the summer wears on, more and more of the wild is coming down to our ranch. The creek is drying up, but the springs and pools draw the deer, big cats and foxes. Time to keep your eyes open!

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