Monday, August 03, 2009

Not So Cocky

One of the hens had gone broody, sitting on her eggs and fiercely resisting any attempt at relocation.

"We'd like to bring over a rooster," J said last week. "Snowflake's so determined to set anyway, and we thought we might as well increase our chicken population."
"My mom has a rooster and we're thinking of borrowing it," added J's now-fiancee (it's official!) R.

So Rooster Man arrived mid-week, in a little cage. He's a little pint-sized Casanova, too!

In Japan, we have an expression for someone who is uncharacteristically timid. We say she or he is "like a borrowed cat." Did Japanese have a habit of borrowing their neighbor's cats? And why? I have no idea, but a borrowed rooster is just as timid.

Will he get the job done? Will the girls like his company? (So far, they couldn't care less, it seems.) Will he ever make a sound? Once again, stay tuned.I think he's a hottie, but not being a hen..... There he is, in the back, looking a little lost. Or intimidated?

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