Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meet Jade

Glass Guy and his girlfriend got the sweetest, mellowest black lab from the pound. She was a stray and the family that found her kept her for 3 weeks, hoping someone would turn up to claim her, but alas, they didn't have the room to keep her and had to send her to the pound. Well, Jade doesn't know her name yet, but she has come to a wonderful new home.

Glass Guy has forgotten all about his surfboard shaping hobby, his new pellet gun (thank god!) and blowing up gophers. He is completely and hopelessly obsessed with his new friend. So much so that he left his shop to his brother on the very day they were having a huge anniversary sale/party!

"If you were his brother, you would have gone ballistic," I said to Big Dog who has always been a "business first" kind of guy. Not Glass Guy.

"The first time you bring an animal home, the first day you get it, is THE most important," he quoted from The Dog Whisperer. "It just happened that we had to pick up the dog today. Bad timing, but which is more important?" He thought it was a rhetorical question.



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