Monday, June 23, 2008

Relief at Last

Hurray! We're on the other side of the freak heat wave!
Coastal California is normally blessed with a temperate climate year-round, but last week was a record breaking anomaly here on the Central Coast. It must have been terribly exciting for the meteorologists.

"Another record for Santa Maria!"
"All-time high in San Luis Obispo!!"
"116 in Shell Beach!!!"

"This is what it must be like to be in Paso Robles in the summer," Big Dog and I moaned on Friday when our thermometer was hitting 105 in the AM. (In fact, during the heat wave, Paso Robles was COOLER.) You didn't want to open windows -- there was a hellishly hot wind blowing from the east.

Maybe our grapes were happy.
"Oh, yeah! Vineyard temps at last! Get it while you can!"

It was hard to believe that the bats weren't dying up there in the heat. And why didn't the horses stay under the shade all day? Even Big Dog got heat exhaustion and had to stay in for most of the day on Friday and Saturday.

But just like the meteorologists promised, it started to cool down yesterday and this morning, we are back to our normal mild temps. Ahhhhhh. Relief at last.

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