Monday, June 30, 2008


Small animals have been disappearing from our valley all year. Pooka, the crazy chihuahua, then R's sweet kitty, Pearl. At least they just went missing. With the chickens, it was far more gruesome, but it was earlier in the year and we didn't have to see the nightmarish scene of the crime. There's a flyer posted on the mailboxes at the entrance to our road for someone else's missing cat and last week, our neighbors reported their cat missing as well. There is a hungry something out there!

I'm also missing Horse Girl and her mom who moved further into the valley at the beginning of the year and now Ranger Lady and her guy are moving on as well. It's sad to see our Ranch Family go, but we're looking forward to new Family members, the McC's. I did have to warn them, however, that small things tend to go missing around here, so keep an eye out on your toddler son!

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