Monday, July 14, 2008

SoCal Scenes

Happy Bastille Day!
It's nice to be back in Paradise, though the roads in Southern California were a Vortex of Entertainment.

Scene 1
We are driving on the 405, through the Sepulveda Pass. We pass a van belonging to a company called "College Hunks Moving Junk." I, of course, check out the driver.

"Hey! He's no hunk!" He looked like every other truck driver in Los Angeles. "And he doesn't look like he's in college, either. This is bad advertising."
"But catchy, huh."
"I'm surprised there isn't a group of men up in arms about the sexism of such a business."
"You know there'd be a group of women who were against something like 'Lingerie Babes to Do Your Dirty Work.'"

Scene 2
We are driving up Pacific Coast Highway which is pretty packed with weekend traffic. It's the perfect beach day and every other car is packed with kids. We pass a car that is blaring downbeat hip hop -- thump-a-thump-a-thump -- then, moments later, a car blasting some bhangra beats. The young and flashy South Asian Couple are thoroughly enjoying themselves, with the woman doing some Bollywoodesque moves in the tiny interior.

"Bhangra!" I squeal.
"It's the same song (as the earlier hiphop) played at 78!" marvels Big Dog.

I had to try it at home. It sort of works! This might become the Next New Thing in Sampling! Or not. Do kids still know what we mean when we say "playing at 78"?

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