Friday, June 13, 2008


It's Friday the 13th!! And our last weekend this season in Arcata and I'm sorry to be leaving. The weather has been amazingly beautiful for days. It's positively shimmery. Our neighbor's giant cherry tree is loaded with cherries, our luscious mirabelles will be ready in a couple of weeks and those veggies that were so slow to grow in the spring are getting into their groove. The air smells great, we can see the bay from our Victorian, and today, when we were filling holes in the fern-fringed driveway at the country property (back on the chain gang!!) the air was so sweet and lovely I had to look at Big Dog and ask, "you still wanna sell this?!"

In our wrap-up mode, we finally had to evict the birds. The babies had long ago grown up, but when I came back from Japan, the "studio" eaves were beginning to get a little slummy with too many bird families crowding into the limited space. Big Dog blocked the spaces with boards and netting last week and all afternoon, the birds were angrily flying around, unable to get back into their boarded up homes.

"Find another one!" Big Dog shouted. I'm surprised they didn't peck his eyes out.

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