Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Chappies

Bob, the bobcat, is NOT a bobcat but a MOUNTAIN LION! I guess people who know more about Big Cats than I had already figured that out from my ignorant entry. A BOBCAT has a bobbed tail (duh) and is smaller than a mountain lion, maybe 15 inches high at the shoulders. It also has black spots. A MOUNTAIN LION is larger (the size of a Lab??), has a long heavy tail, no spots and is either gray or tawny.

We had the organic farm people over last night, along with S, the Ranger Lady, who lives on our property, Colorado J, who had asked me why I knew Bob was a bobcat and the rest of our Ranch Family. The farm people and S were all excited when it turned out that Bob was a mountain lion -- sightings are much rarer. Too bad I didn't have my camera!

Jim, from the farm, brought some more of their outrageous strawberries and we all sampled the three different varieties -- Albion, Chandler and Seascape -- waxing poetic about them like wine. I couldn't pick a favorite. Some of us preferred Albion, the hot, new variety. It's firmer and has a sharper, zippier strawberry taste. Tastes like it would go fabulously with champagne. Chandler has the most traditionally "strawberry" flavor. And the Seascape berries seemed smaller but the sweetest, mellowest.

"I'm grumpy and grouchy when my strawberries aren't doing well," Jim laughed.
"Well, then, you must be a very happy chappy right now!" we laughed with him.

I must admit, although I was bummed out at having damaged my PowerBook (slid off the dining table and hit the stone floor -- she's still up and running, thank god, but the fall dented the bottom left corner and now she won't close) and with the news that we will have to leave this ranch momentarily next week for who knows how long, when I was popping those strawberries in my mouth, I was a Very Happy Chappy, too.


Blogger Andrew said...

Dropping that laptop like that would have scared me to death. I don't know what I would do without my computer. Dropping in via the next blog button and will visit again soon.

Andrew in Alabama
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