Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Time vs Speed vs Distance

We went "back" to Los Angeles, but are now "ahead" of Honolulu…and further away from Tokyo, but closer in time… Hmmmm.

3 hours is not that big of a time lag, but still it kept us up long into the wee hours last night, pondering the issues of time vs speed vs distance and watching the news.

There was a story on a monorail system that seems to be (finally!) coming to LA. Big Dog has always been a big promoter of the monorail/light rail system.

"All they need to do is look at Sydney! The rail system leaves the most minimal of footprints and weaves through existing structures," he would educate anyone willing to listen. Or anyone willing to read Letters to the Editor.

Naturally, he was excited about Los Angeles (finally!) making steps towards what he considers the perfect solution to its rapid transit problem.

"I am so far ahead of my times!" he crowed.
"They're just now catching up!" I echoed. "From your ideas on transportation to the environment, everyone seems to be following you!"
"And when did I start talking about global warming?"
"Long before I knew you."
"That's right. It was probably 1971…no, maybe 1975. 75 degrees in January in Humboldt!"

Now, while Big Dog is excited about how far ahead of the times he is, I was just as excited to read today that Socrates also said "Everything is a miracle. Pay attention." That's something I've been saying for years! But, wait. Socrates said all of this thousands of years ago. Which makes me really, really behind the times. Or does it? Maybe I'm so far behind, I'm actually incredibly ahead.


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