Saturday, April 14, 2007

B-Hole Ranch

We have returned. To the ranch with the "blue hole" above it, always. Well, almost always. It was a bit overcast and a little drizzly as we came into Los Osos Valley, but we DO need the rain this year. Normally, the hills would all be raging a vivid neon green, but this year, they are a bit splotchy.

Big Dog and I goofed off a bit yesterday, taking our little Stridas down to the beach. It was the perfect day for it, too. Our techy looking bikes got their fair share of stares and questions. ("No, it's not a Japanese bike. It's designed in the UK." "No, it's actually not very comfortable." "It's really only good for puttering around flat, smooth streets -- like the bike route here!")

Good thing we took some time for play, because I can see we have our work cut out for us here. EVERYTHING IS OVERGROWN! And although my jaw did drop a few inches at the initial shock, I am happy that the life force is so strong. It would be too depressing if everything were dead, right? And it IS gorgeous! We missed the plum and peach blossoms but some of the apples and pears are still in bloom. And then, there are dozens of plants that I see flowering for the first time. Irises, daffodils… The calla lilies have come back and so have the cannas… The big lemon tree looks very dead as well as one of the oranges (two seem to have survived the freak frosts) and one of the roses might be goners. The geraniums look dead but aren't really -- I can see new growth trying to come out -- and there are lovely yellow flowered trees and bushes I haven't identified yet. But first, I need to deal with all the Giant Weeds -- rising up to my waist, stalks as thick as my wrist...what planet are we on??

The chickens are laying eggs again, the dogs, cats and horses look happy and although Big Dog can only see the mess, I am happy to be back in Paradise.


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