Thursday, January 31, 2008


I always try too hard to write about "something." It may be making my blog kind of boring.

The ones I love to read are the ones that talk about ordinary journeys of the heart...the ones that have cool photos...or cool craft ideas... I don't want to know what my blog pals think about the US Presidential Elections or The War in The Middle East (unless, of course, they are exceptionally profound thoughts.) I like looking through their slices of ordinary life.

Here's my disjointed "nothing" entry for the day:

- during dinner with the Only Japanese Family that lives in this village, the wife tells me that a Canadian woman complained about their (the Japanese) sushi not being "real." These are the same ones who tell us about such and such a restaurant having The Best Tacos because they are, and I quote, "just like Del Taco's."

- met a local girl whose great-grandparent (I can't remember which one) is Japanese! How did he/she come to marry a Mexican all those decades ago?

- BigDog has been down with something since night before last. His stomach is all bloated and he's been in pain for too long. The former nurse we share the house with recommended Ciprain. Only after I bought a box of the stuff at at the local farmacia did I go online to find out that it's an antibiotic and you really need a doctor's prescription to buy it. (Loads of prescription medicines are available OTC in many countries.) What's more disturbing is that side effects include headache, insomnia, dizziness, depression, HALLUCINATIONS, PSYCHOTIC REACTIONS AND CONNECTIVE TISSUE INJURY! As if BigDog needs anything to trigger a psychotic reaction! As if I need anything to trigger a psychotic reaction in him! I am this far from tossing the newly purchased packages of the stuff.

- I love the new comic series I am drawing about Fartman, the Surfer Guy. He's a super-hero and even has a theme song that you can sing to "Popeye, The Sailor Man."

- A Mexican couple came to look at the house we are in. They may buy it. The owner of this casa and his wife had a messy divorce that prevented either of them from living here. I had heard that he couldn't really sell it either. Guess we were wrong. I hope we don't get kicked out prematurely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi baddog,
Hope bigdog didn't take the bloody pills. Antibiotics for gut rumbles is heavy duty. Did you know that every cell in our bodies (about 100 billion)is outnumbered 10 to 1 by bacteria, viruses and other stuff? Thats a happy healthy human being.
OK, bigdog isn't too happy and healthy at the moment, But what is his first line of defence? The bugs already there. It is their hood. They are quite prepared for a turf war if you give them time. And in the end the immune system calls 911 if it has to. White cells, Killer T cells and other extreme back-up.
Dont wipe out the friendlies with antibiotics.
Your brief and cryptic profile states of abandoning significant sucess in Japanese media. Dont give it a thought. You just went from accepting other peoples criteria of sucess to defining your own. Well done. A great achievement.
Cheers, paul

6:54 AM  
Blogger bad-dog said...

Thanks for the comments. Totally agree with you on the antibiotics issue. I'm wary of all pharmaceuticals but especially antibiotics. It's like nuking your house to get rid of the cockroaches!

9:45 AM  

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