Friday, October 26, 2007

Destiny Is The Unconscious Will At Work

We all get the life we really want because destiny is merely the manifestation of the subconscious will.

Ever since I can remember, I wanted a life less ordinary. My mother believes it was all those hours as a toddler with my teeny nose in a book that made me crave "make believe." For me, it wasn't "make believe, "though. It was real. Or at least it COULD be. Throughout my life, I was astonished at all the things that others could not imagine themselves doing. I could and DID imagine it all -- from the most serene to the most horrific and everything in between -- and I tried to actually do as much of it as I could.

Even today, I am torn between roaming the world with all that I own in a single backpack and living in one place long enough to establish myself there. I want nothing more than a tent, but I also want my Dream House. I can't stay still long enough to establish a new career anywhere, but I dream of doing so many things! We drive by fields of strawberries and I want to run out there and get a job picking berries with the gang of non-English speaking workers. I love my furry friends at the ranch but hate to be tied down. The LA condo could certainly use a couch -- or any sort of chair, really -- but so far, I've opted to spend my time doing something other than couch shopping and we make do with a Very Spartan Condo.

When you love having multiple lives, you have to settle for a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Sometimes people feel that they are stuck. Or that fate has thrown them a terrible curve ball. But how you feel about any of it is your choice. Since my priority is "Life Less Ordinary" even the really bad things, if they're unexpected, are great and I tend to just go with the flow. SURPRISE is much more interesting than SUCCESS. Consequently, my life has been filled with the delightfully unexpected, gone in directions I never even imagined.

We got into LA today. The bathroom seemed mysteriously grimy and then I realized that it was soot from the Malibu Fires that got in from the opened windows.

"You left the windows open because you WANTED to clean the bathrooms," you are laughing.
"Sure. It was your unconscious at work."


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