Monday, October 22, 2007

Last Day?

Is this really our last day at The Ranch this year? Big Dog wants to leave tomorrow for LA via The Dogfather's. And then South of the Border by the end of the month. We'll see. But in anticipation of departure, we've been picking up irrigation hoses, putting junk away in the barn, finding warm spots for the succulents and tidying up the place.

The best apples on the ranch are still burdening two trees, the pears are big and delicious, figs are ripening… There's chutney and jams and sauces and pies and pastries to make! The vegetables are at their peak. The raisins are drying nicely in the sun and the summer's sunflowers have produced tasty seeds. ("Are you feeding these to the birds?" asked JD last night. "No! They're for us to eat!" I yowled. The birds get the remaining 5 sunflowers and they can just pick the seeds off the plants because I'm NOT cleaning and roasting their seeds!)

And I am finally putting on a bit of weight! Hurray!

So why exactly are we leaving?


Anonymous Coco said...

I wish I lived or had my cabin close to your place so that I can take care of your farmland! (means have your all great fruit and vegetable!!)
It sounds like they are too good to let them get stale. It seems very hard to take all advantage of having farm land if you travel a lot. Whenever We are in Mendocino I feel strongly that I 'd like to have a little vegetable garden, but I know I can not take care of it. It's so sad.

7:22 PM  

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