Thursday, September 13, 2007

Feels Like Fall

I don't know about other bloggers, but I usually write my entries off-line. It's been a frustrating kind of week for all internet activities -- for some reason, I've had no connection or Really…Painfully…………slow…………….connections. Guess it shouldn't have been a surprise to open my blog.doc and find only:

11 September

It's only two days ago but I don't remember it at all. My short-term memory was always unreliable anyway. Right now, I am imagining that when I typed the date, I probably got online, finally, and in my elation, thought I would write something, but before I did, I lost the connection.

Just as well. The internet can suck up so much of your time and I have less of it than usual. There are Big Family Events coming up next week that I need to make some artwork for, I finally booked my flight back to Tokyo during yesterday's brief moment of connectivity and I need to prep for that, and we are in the early stages of ranch wrap-up.

Though it's still warm and sunny and wonderful here in Central California, it's starting to feel like fall at the ranch. There are literally tons of apples -- bigger and better and fewer, thank god, than last year --plus quite a few different kinds of pears, the sunflowers are going to seed and the ‘mums are starting to bloom.

Miguel's dad is a landscape construction guy and he and his team have been rebuilding flower boxes and retaining walls since last Friday.

"Look, Felix's guys have cement and a cement mixer. I think we'd be stupid not to do the posts while they've got that going," Big Dog said at the beginning of the week. There were a couple of fence posts that needed to be put in and we were going to hire a handyman to do it. But now, there was a mysterious new equation: Felix's guys have cement = Bad Dog has to (gets to?) dig some post holes.

Not having the right tools, I used my weed “claw” and an empty tuna can (!) The claw loosened the very hard, clay dirt and the can was for scooping it out.

"We're out-Amishing the Amish!" Big Dog laughed, impressed with my tuna can solution. I laughed then, too, but not that night when I had major lower back pain.

"I'm gonna get a medical marijuana license!" I swore yesterday, to anyone who'd listen (Magique, Pooka, Tanzer, Patches, Scruffy, the chickens…) and pampered myself by spending most of the day canning plum sauce, plum jam and applesauce instead of hunched over in the dirt.

But today, I was once again hunched over, filling cracks in our cement walkway "while we have Felix's cement" and I am swearing about my back again. Time to do something about it!


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