Friday, August 31, 2007

Change of Seasons

Last Sunday, Horse Girl came back from Iceland, where she'd been spending the summer at her grandparents' horse operation (breeding, horse riding for tourists, etc.) She started school again on Tuesday.

That was the day we had a chimney sweep guy come to clean out to the ranch. Big Steve. With his Big Black Top Hat. I thought he was a strangely theatrical chimney sweep, but who knows, maybe they all are. He told us that we can't have all that tar sealing the chimney at the roof -- it's highly flammable -- so I had to spend the rest of the day and most of the next day hunched up on the roof like a scrawny Quasimodo scraping off tar. A most unpleasant job.

Maybe if I hadn't had to do that, I would have stayed up for the lunar eclipse. I saw one, once, a few years ago in Mexico….

full moon tonight! and a lunar eclipse! at the plaza, full moon is in sight. is the eclipse beginning or just the eye playing tricks?
a quarter to and the eclipse is in full swing. it's eaten up the lower left corner and is slowly progressing up. it's much slower than i expected. so slow that if you keep watching, it doesn't really change.
i thought the locals would be all agog about the eclipse but no one pays any attention. after bd pays 4 pesos for a crappy cookie, we stroll the plaza. everyone is hanging out there. chatting with friends, lovers, neighbors... when church tower clock strikes nine times. the eclipse is nearly complete. but it takes until about 9:20 for it to be completely eclipsed.
the moon has a strange, red/orange/black glow. perfect for hallowee! ! but to the unsuspecting viewer, it might just be another cloud veiled moon.
a kid in semi-cowboy attire comes up to bd to ask for money and gets a spiel about the luna and how it's especial esta noche. different from all other nights. see how it's negra? but later, it will be blanca again. ooooo, it will not be like this tomorrow. only esta noche. only ahora.... until the poor kid leaves, empty-handed, shaking his head at the poor loony gringo and the loony chinese mujere. back at the bungalow, the entryway is covered in small beetle-like bugs. all on their backs! stunned by the lunar eclipse, no doubt.

This time, I stayed in bed. The eclipse sent the dogs barking, however.

A dramatic thunder and lightning show came the following night, bringing a huge dose of rain.

There are only a couple of tenacious peaches, plums and nectarines hanging on. The summer fruit season is just about over and here comes the onslaught of apples, apples, apples.

Everything is pointing the way to autumn.


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