Thursday, July 05, 2007


Big Dog is less than thrilled with my new relationship. He finds me talking with and hugging my new boyfriend all the time. I must be feeling guilty because it embarrasses me when he does.

I've known Magic, Horse Girl's blue-eyed, tailless, butt-wagging Australian Shepherd since we got to the ranch after our Dixie Adventure last summer. They had all moved in earlier in the summer but I was still in Tokyo and then Europe. Recently, though, our relationship has jumped to a new level.

First, I discover his real name's Magique. Of course. Horse Girl's mom is French Canadian. And then, thanks mostly to a box of dog treats she bought and I promptly dispensed to the pooches (Pooka, the 15 year old Chihuahua was still here then) I became their best friend. When we were gone, they spent most of the time in the Waka Orchard since Horse Girl was busy with school, horses and human friends and Mom with old folks to care for. When we're here, they get to roam around the ranch with us, watching us work "like dogs."

"How did we get that expression? I know we use it all the time, but look at them!" I laughed, pointing to both of them lying on their sides, nodded out. Sometimes when Magique's napping (again) Patches, the Old Man Cat, will come and start licking his face and kneading his side.

The real change came when Pooka was taken away. She's old and has cataracts and can't see well so she barked at everything, driving Mom to send her away to live with another old dog and old lady. She came back briefly just before Horse Girl left for Iceland and Magique kept chasing her, trying to mount, so Mom set up house for Pooka in the barn but she was able to sneak out no matter how tightly we thought we had the stall secured. When Horse Girl left, Pooka also went away again.

I think Magique was a little heartbroken to lose his "mom" and transferred his affections over to me. But now I realize I am developing a strange co-dependent relationship with him. It's bothering me a bit. Emotional dependency has always freaked me out and we are getting too close. He hates it when I pay attention to the other animals and I must admit to the teeniest twinge of jealousy when he's happily playing stick with Glass Guy.

Plus, you know you're getting too close when you start bragging about your "boy."
"Magique is soooo smart," I'll tell anyone who's willing to listen. "He's a super fast learner and knows more words than you think. He amazed me when he understood me when I said 'where's the ball' and one day when Big Dog was looking for me, he asked Bowser Boy and was lead right to me!"

He's a bit of a mess right now, shedding like crazy, but he's still very handsome and good smelling. In fact, he smells better than a lot of people!

"He thinks you're wonderful," emailed a friend when I explained my predicament.
"You're just the Treat Supplier," counters Big Dog.
Maybe the truth lies somewhere in the middle.


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