Sunday, July 01, 2007

What A Week

Bitten by mosquitoes (in a non-mosquito area!)…top of my foot stepped on by Miracle (horse)…growled at by Pepper (Ranger Lady's lab-mix)…cut by twigs…scratched by thorns…same injured foot stepped on by Magic (dog) and Riley (visiting friend's lab-mix) while they were roughing it…a blown cap on a buried water pipe…a river of water down the side of our house into the pasture…5 hours of manual trenching…

But now, we have water taps by the cannas and by the deck, the mosquito bites have settled down, my foot, while numb, seems to have nothing broken, and we're ready to fill the trench. Manually. Like the Amish. No, worse. We don't even have draft animals. We ARE the draft animals!

It's another gorgeous day, however, and I am basking in all the miracles of the world for just another moment longer...


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