Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Garden of Eden Season

The summer solstice came and went with not much ado. Unlike last year's. The Big Thing was the drive back up to The Ranch.

It's quiet here now. Horse Girl is in Iceland where her father and his family live, her mom is just hopping with adult activities, and JD is busy meeting new women he's found online. I am impressed with his optimism. He's gone through 3 or 4 marriages and has just in the last month or so, officially split up with the last wife. They're not even legally divorced yet, but the Eternal Optimist is out searching for Number Five. (I must add, however, that he keeps swearing that there will be no more matrimony, that he is only on a mission to find a girlfriend. We'll see. He's definitely a marryin' man.)

Now that Red and his wife are no longer going to move into the apartment JD had during the winter, he's moving back in. Which means…..more space for me! Wheeee! I get my office/studio back!

Of course, now that Red is no longer moving in, I had to tell Big Dog that I'd go along with the Ranch Sale.

"You're right. This place will tie us down and the whole point of selling our company was to get untied," I told him soon after we returned to the ranch.
"I'm glad you feel that way," he said. Then.

In the days that followed, I sensed a change. Big Dog looks happier this week. He's settling into the groove. It's summer and the place is exploding with color, scents and flavors. The berries we pick turn into scrumptious pies while the strainer full of cherries get eaten before they become anything else, the wild artichokes from the front pasture are nutty and tasty (even if they are covered in ants when you pick them) and everyone's veggie garden is starting to grow, grow, grow. It's the Garden of Eden Season!

After hearing how screwed up our summer plans got, a friend in Tokyo commented that it must be God's way of allowing me to enjoy this land for a few months longer, before we have to sell it, but Big Dog seems to be enjoying it more now. Perhaps this Summer of Love will change the tide. There is hope!


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