Sunday, May 20, 2007

Desert Magic

"Get the door! Stop making your father hold it open for us!" I nudge Big Dog in the arm. I can't believe he rang the doorbell! The DogFather just had surgery! No one's there and we've made him crawl out of bed to get the door!
"Shouldn't you be in bed? Isn't anyone here?" Big Dog asks, his father still holding the screen door open for us.
"Oh, they all went home."
"Well, you're looking better than ever!"

And Big Dog was right. The DogFather was standing tall, looking younger and healthier than ever.

"If I knew I was going to feel this good, I would have had the operation months ago!" he laughs.

Some of my "babies" weren't looking as good, though. I had entrusted my newly sprouted seedlings to S and Horse Girl…but only half of them. As a film/video producer, you always think of backup. You are always asking yourself "What if this fails?" My backup was carried in the back of our truck, all the way from The Ranch to The DogFather's.

"I can't believe you brought your seedlings," Big Dog rolls his eyes at me. "Like they would have survived the trip?"
They did look sad. I had put the trays into a plastic container but couldn't decide if it was better to put a cover on the container and protect the seedlings from wind or if they needed the sun more. In the end, I opted not to cover them. Bad choice.

The little okra sprouts were all mashed against the dirt. Out of all the lettuce sprouts, I think 3 survived. It was too depressing to deal with and it was already late by the time we got to Lancaster.

"I'll do something about it tomorrow," I say and leave the container on the front porch.

Lo and behold! The next morning I go out to get the container of seed trays and…THERE'S A GIANT BEAN STALK! Actually, no, there is no giant bean stalk, but the plants that managed to survive the roadtrip have doubled in size! There is some kind of magic in the air……and in the night sky, a sexy sliver of a crescent moon with it's own big bright star.


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