Saturday, March 17, 2007


I can't believe it's already been 4 years since the start of the war in Iraq. That's longer than World War 2! But how do we get out of there? It seems like no matter what, the damage is already done.

Big Dog loves to tell people how the Americans are fighting on borrowed money.
"We have none! Nothing but debts! And we're constantly borrowing more from places like China and Japan. That's why I hold the Chinese and Japanese as responsible for the continuation of the war as I do the US Government. If you guys (meaning us Japanese) would stop lending money to the US, maybe that would get everyone to pull out of Iraq sooner."

Well, I no longer live in Japan so I no longer pay Japanese taxes, thus I am feeling less responsible, but in truth, it's everyone's responsibility, isn't it. If you're not out there voicing your opposition, if you're not out there trying to do something about it, you are working for the war effort. Being silent is just as evil as being a full-on supporter. Didn't we learn that through Nazi Germany? Silence will only drag us further into the darkness.

Today, there are various St. Patrick's Day events in and around Honolulu, but you'll find me at the Peace Rally.

Doves, symbol of peace, have a nice, comfy condo is this big banyan tree by the beach in Waikiki.


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