Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bad Dog

Big Dog's out shooting for a friend today. I have the whole place to myself!! Oh, it's been so long since I did, I am getting a little giddy. I missed my privacy! I missed my private time, private space! And now that I have it -- at least for a few hours -- I'm also going a little crazy because I can't focus long enough to get anything done.

This is what I did so far, today:
- went back to bed
- waxed my upper lip (I am a pretty hairless person so I don't shave arms/legs/etc. but I've noticed some tiny, nearly invisible hairs on my upper lip and it's been bothering me)
- cleaned the blinds (to assuage my guilt at doing what I-with-a-capital-I want to do)
- fixed a broken slat on one of the blinds (to show Big Dog I was actually doing something useful)
- turned up the stereo and danced around the condo in my underwear
- had some granola with yogurt
- the laundry (again, so that it won't look like I was just goofing off all day)
- finished a couple of half-done crosswords, using the internet to help me find the answers
- had 3 isobeyaki mochi
- emailed some friends
- started work on a 3-D plastic & acrylic cartoon project about a Griping Banana (which unfortunately got put on hold after I realized that my acrylic paints were no longer here in LA)
- polished the kitchen sink (it was grubby!)
- did a handstand, just to see if I could
- googled a poet friend to see how "recognized" he was and came across some stuff he had written years ago
- organized some photos
- found the huge coffee table book with early photos of the Stones and flipped through it again
- wrote an entry for the Japanese version of this blog

Some friends of mine in Tokyo, a radio director and a radio DJ, had a pair of long-haired dachshunds. The couple worked long crazy hours, so the dogs were left by themselves, trapped inside a relatively small apartment all day. I used to tease them (the couple) by making up stories of what their dogs were doing while they were away.

"I bet if you sneak up on them during the day, you'll find them screwing and smoking. They're humping in your bed, smoking up your cigarettes, drinking your beers, pooping in your cabinets…"

The thing is, I could do all the things I want to do even when Big Dog is here, but it just feels different doing them by myself, you know? Knowing that nobody is here to watch, or judge, or comment, or anything. Nobody is here to pull me away from even the most inane activity!

I'm going to go write some poetry now. And recite it to the wall. Loud! And then I'll drink and smoke and run around naked some more. Heh heh heh.


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