Saturday, January 20, 2007


With all our winter work -- or as much as we are doing this year -- done, we are in wrap-up mode.

I realize what's been keeping me so absorbed the last few weeks.
It's hard for me to explain to people I used to work with why I needed to get out, stop doing what I was doing. It's even harder trying to explain it to people who thought they knew me from some radio show or another. My attempt was usually reduced to some glib "I'm trying to get better acquainted with my home, the earth." The thing is, that's really the whole truth. It just sounds so stupidly glib.
My new adventure is in opening doors to rooms I've always dreamed about entering, doors to rooms I never knew existed. Traveling to a new country, experiencing a new culture and so on.
But that's only one part of it. The wonders of the world are all around us. You could study a leaf forever. (The sad thing is that we are usually all too busy to do something like that -- but we should!) And just look at the diversity! Even in this teeny tiny corner of the planet! I feel so privileged in being allowed to become more deeply connected to our planet the last few weeks. I am so grateful the 3 dozen or so trees allowed me to get to know them so intimately.

Humankind is eternally fascinating, but the miracles of nature...leave me breathless.


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