Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's about time

"Every year seems to go faster and faster!" "Where does the time go?"
Seems we can't stop talking about time these days.
"2006 is almost over!"
"It's already 2007!"

I know it goes by a lot faster for me than for my 4 year old nephew, The Pupster. For him, a year is one fourth of his life. He had to wait an eternity before he got his present from Santa on Christmas Day. He'll have to wait another before his next birthday.

For me, that same year is less than one 40th of my life. so naturally, it will feel quite a bit faster.

At the same time, however, since I've embarked on my Life of Adventure, time actually doesn't seem to fly by faster and faster. I think my years, my months, my days are so full of novelty right now that time actually feels like it's slowed down. Maybe when you are riding life like a bucking bronco, and loving every minute of it, maybe when you are not hurtling towards death... that changes everything. I feel like I've successfully reversed the tides and become more like The Pupster, who has all the time in the world, his whole life ahead of him.

"Time is the great equalizer," was my mother's favorite saying. Rich or poor, privileged or not, beautiful or this inequal world, time is the one thing that's the same for everyone. "It's how you use it."

But I know it's not at all the same for everyone. Oh, the LENGTH never changes. A second is still a second, a minute is still a minute. The length is always the same, but the thickness doesn't have to be.

So, on that note, may your seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months be fat and juicy for 2007!


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