Tuesday, October 24, 2006


An aside about lifestyles.

Peahead wasn't always destitute. He was really smart. A marine biology major who had a nice cush county job. (Guess where his monthly pay check comes from? OUR tax dollars! That's where! He no longer works for the county but still gets to collect all this money!!)

But bad decisions -- bad marriages, relationships, money management, spending habits -- all caught up with him a few years ago.

"J would manage your money," Big Dog suggested to Peahead last night. "Since you are incapable of managing your finances, you could give him power of attorney, have your checks sent to him and then he'd make all your payments and then give you the rest on the weekly basis. And I'm sure he's do it for only $100 a month."
"Yeah. I need someone like that. I'm thinking of this guy Larry, who my brother knew…"

Right. Someone you don't know. Someone who's not a certified CPA who's straighter than an arrow and more honest than Abe. Right, Peahead.

But Peahead and others in similar straits, just don't get it. Do without. It's not that hard. And don't talk about what you are "going to" do. Just do it. But none of them do. And while they are deep in debt and down and out, they are still buying new things. ("I really need this!") Or at least pining about what they don't have.

Why are people so addicted to THINGS? Are their lives so empty that they have to fill it with all this stuff? My god, the sheer volume of STUFF stuffed into Peahead's storage unit (he has TWO! We didn't even open the other one!) growing old, unused, obsolete, made me ill. One day, it will all go into some landfill.


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