Monday, October 02, 2006

The Great Tokyo Eat-a-thon Challenge

I am on the move again. Drove from Central Cal to LA yesterday afternoon and am now in the United Airlines Red Carpet Club, waiting for my flight to Tokyo.

A sudden request to MC an event (Napster is launching in Japan) has allowed me to make a quickie trip to The Big Mikan and visit my family. My nephew, The Pupster, is turning 4 on Tuesday, so it will be nice to be able to join the party, too.

But most of all, I am looking forward to feasting on Japanese food!!! Ohhhh, all the things I cannot get anywhere else! I am making lists in my mind… Starting with a traditional Japanese breakfast. This is not for the squeamish! I am dreaming of dried grilled aji (horse mackerel) with hot white rice, a raw egg yolk, organic natto (fermented soybeans -- smells like sweaty gym socks; has a sticky, tacky, stringy goo around the beans!) dark red miso with shijimi clams, grated daikon, spicy cod roe…

In the truck yesterday, I kept chanting out all the things I'll eat in Tokyo.
"Cod fish semen! Sea urchin! Sea cucumber in a yuzu sauce! Natto! Squid guts! Soba with fat chunks of kelp!"
"Go and eat every disgusting thing you can put in your mouth," grimaced Big Dog.
"I will!! The first few weeks that I was there in the spring, I was eating 4 meals a day. Breakfast, early lunch, late lunch and dinner. Do you think I could possibly work in 5?"

Normally I have a meal and a half each day. I believe our bodies don't need as much food as we are used to giving it. Thus, eating even 3 meals a day is a challenge, but we'll see how many I can cram into the next 3 days.


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