Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday The Thirteenth!

I love it when the 13th falls on Friday. It brings fond memories of my favorite engineer at the Radio Station where I worked an eternity. It was a Big Important Radio Station and not only were there Big Important Engineers to work the boards, but Big Important Producers, Big Important Directors, Not-so-big-but-important-in-their-own-mind Assistant Directors, Not-at-all-big-and-made-to-feel-pretty-small GoFors and, depending on the show, writers, researchers, music selectors, idea givers, mood enhancers… Anyway, my favorite engineer and I had a strange telepathy. Or so we wanted to think. She would change my voice depending on what and how I was speaking and on Friday the 13th, every time I would say "Jusan-nichi no Kinyo---bi" in a spooky voice, she would switch on the Spooky Echo. But she never knew when I would say it, so would be totally focused on what I was saying, how I was looking at her and 99% of the time, she would be spot on. But once in a while, I'd pretend to be about to say it in my spooky voice and then at the last minute just give a bland "jusan-nichi no kinyobi" but she would have pushed the button and given my a Spooky Voice without my spooky deliver. I'd crack up on air and tell everyone how I got the better of Miss O.

As you can tell, I am in much better spirits. I survived the trip across the ocean, survived a weekend with Big Dog and his High School Reunion (meeting John "Drumbo" French of Captain Beefheart's Magic Band fame!) and made it back to Little Eden in one piece.


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