Thursday, September 07, 2006

Becoming Brian Wilson

When I finally got out of my workaholic life in Tokyo, Big Dog and I went down to the Philippines to get the workaholism out of our system. We spent about 3 months on a tiny island playing in the sand, making up games like "coconut bowling" and "beach golf" and playing Tarzan. It was a gas to do all the things that made me happy as a child, again.

"We should write a book about how to have fun after retiring!"
"Let's call it 'Becoming Brian Wilson -- A Return to the Sandbox!"

Last week, the Horse Girl who lives with her mom in one of the houses on our property came back from Iceland where she was spending the summer with her grandparents on a horse farm. Her ex-step dad (is that convoluted enough for you?) came by to install a trampoline in our pasture as a surprise (welcome home?) present for her. Horse Girl's mom insists it's going back.

"You can't be on Home Owner's Insurance with a trampoline on your property," she said. Sheesh. Welcome to lawyer-centric America!

But before it goes back to the ex-step dad, I've snuck in some jumps on it. What fun! In the middle of the day! When I should be doing a zillion other chores!

I wish we could keep it.

"Please, Horse Girl's Mom!? Please, Big Dog!? Can't I keep it, pleeeeese?" I feel like pleading with them both like a little girl.

Seriously, though, why is it that when we grow up we stop doing the things that gave us pleasure as children? Remember how fun it was to roll down a grassy hill? Why don't you do that anymore? Well, I did. Last year when I was going through a strange depression, we were at a park and the grass was so inviting, I just lay down and rolled down. Wow. It was actually really fast and felt pretty violent. But it was so much fun! Here's a picture of me rolling down that slope. It makes me smile every time I look at it.


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