Monday, August 07, 2006

I Love LA? (LAX, California)

With kisses and hugs and promises to come back soon, we left Mississippi and drove back to Birmingham (the "H" is pronounced in Alabama, unlike Birmingham in the UK) to catch a flight back to LA. The flight left a little late and by the time we got to Houston, our connecting flight had already departed... or so it seemed. As it turned out, there was a problem at LAX and they were down to one runway so our plane was delayed a couple of hours.

On the flight, behind us were a gaggle of women who talked (loudly) the whole way. With "motherf--ing" this and "motherf--ing" that, they sure sounded like a group of ghetto ho's! I was able to get a good look at one of the women sitting behind us when we were waiting for our baggage.

She was huge. No, not gianormous, like many Americans, but still giant, her kelly green sweatsuit stretched to the max. As she waddled by, I saw that there was a bright, silver "GUESS" sequined to the stretched out butt. Guess? Guess what? What's packed inside the stretched out pants? You mean it's not a fat ass??

Another guy who walked by had a huge "HARBOR (something)" tatooed to his shaved skull. I couldn't read the smaller writing, but I am sure he rented out his head to some place like "Harbor Brews."

We are back in LA!


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