Tuesday, August 22, 2006


The wild turkeys are thugs.

At first, I thought, oh, how cool! A flock of wild turkeys!

Sure, they're starting to make the porch area smell a bit like a chicken coop and the thought of avian flu HAS crossed my mind more than once, but I'm a nature doco addict so it never bored me to watch their antics: feeding, courting, play-fighting.

The two huge toms got into the Kinu orchard. (I am calling the back orchard after my paternal grandmother who had peach trees of her own that would yield outrageously yummy peaches. Since the back orchard is named Kinu, or Silk, after my paternal grandma, I decided the front orchard would be called Waka, or Song, after my maternal grandma. Which means the lower orchard has to be named Pearl for Big Dog's paternal grandmother... Anyway...) I didn't realize it but the chickens (their coop is in the orchard) refused to come out that morning, no matter how much I coaxed them with feed. After I got rid of the toms, though, the chickens were happy to be out of their coop.

The same day, later in the afternoon, S's chihuahua and Australian shepard were yapping up a storm so I go to see what's disturbing them and the turkeys are all around their pen. I think they're trying to get at the dog food. One of the smaller turkeys has his/her head right in Magic (the shepard)'s face! Through the chain link fence! Magic is barking, the turkey's squawking. I go to get the turkey to stop harassing poor Magic with the pale blue eyes, but the turkey is a thug and has to be booted (literally) out of there. I lift it up with foot and fling it back to the rest of its flock. It was heavy. A nice thanksgiving dinner, for sure!

The next day, though, Magic gets his revenge. He gets loose from his pen and chases one of the turkey hens. Maybe the very same bitch that harassed him the day before. Big Dog put an end to it all but not before Magic had taken a bite out of the turkey's ass. Magic 1 - Turkey 1.


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