Tuesday, June 01, 2010

On the Road.....Again

There's something so right about being on the road. It's not just because I have an insatiable curiosity and love seeing/experiencing anything new or different. It's really the freedom of not having anything, including control.

No schedule, no obligations, no illusions, no limits.

After a few years of nomadic life, we've started to feel "settled" somewhat at the ranch and I am seeing my Control Freak self starting to take over. But the lessons from those nomadic years are still with me and I am still good at letting go when we travel. You have to in order to be open to the unexpected. And the Unexpected IS the payoff, at least for me. Even the bad things -- like getting everything stolen in Costa Rica -- turn out to be amazing adventures.

A few scenes from the road:

M, who used to be in a rock band with Big Dog, lives on the Colorado River and escorted us to Oatman, on the Old Route 66. You can't see them in this photo, but the wild donkeys that live in the hills nearby come down to get handouts from the tourists.

Ahhh, open space! No sign of civilization!

I don't know why I expected more out of Sedona. Guess I was just disappointed with all the homes built right up to these amazing red rock monuments. Plus all the tourist amenities. If there was any spiritual energy vortex here, I am sure the commercialism has sucked most of it out. Too bad it wasn't designated a National Park.

My point-and-click photos are pretty sucky, but just had to share this one with you. The cactus flowers look so...JUICY!

It's quite a trick, framing out man-made junk.

Don't you just love what you run into out here? Somewhere near the border of Nevada and California is this Sign Guy. We stopped, thinking it was a shop. The old dude told us it was his workshop and we apologized for the intrusion. "Did you see that helicopter he was working on?" marveled Big Dog as we drove away. "What's he gonna do with it?" Maybe just see if he can rehabilitate an old helicopter, perhaps?

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